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Hey gamers I want core again so I might as well do it while its on sale again yeah?? yeah
i have core now but i still want money so h

I'm still only accepting points so I'm sorry if that's an inconvenience for anyone :[

anyway uhhhhhhhhhhh here's the prices 

matcha cookie by Cow-Legs  Mercy - AT with Snow-ish by Cow-Legs  Art trade w/ StarFaky by Cow-Legs
+250Points for each additional character
please specify what pose you want/at least give an idea of something. (Especially with more than one character.)

Doodle page
m by Cow-Legs
Give me 1-5 characters and I'll just do random flatcolor drawings with them, might draw them more or less depending on how much I like them.
+100Points to add basic cel shading 

Custom design
family by Cow-Legs  Va-Eil by Cow-Legs  [pending] bubble friend OTA by Cow-Legs
If you want one of these, please specify the following:
Species: (human, monster, robot, etc.)
Theme: (What I should base it on, specific colors or themes, stuff like that)
Personality: (So I have a better vision of what they're like, but it's optional)
Other: (any additional things I should know when making it)

-starfaky (fullbody) (FINISHED)
-ManyTeeth (paid)
-ConstantSoliloquy (paid) (FINISHED)
I get overwhelmed easily so only 3 for now, sorry!! ;;

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :v
Also, please don't be extremely vague when asking for something. I have a hard enough time doing stuff like this already so it really helps to have a good idea of what you want and not having to worry about getting things wrong :(

thank y'all in advance :v
i feel like i should be at least slightly ~professional~ and have a link page somewhere so here we go
Edit: twitter username change


(I'm most active there so if you wanna see me post more than once a year you know where to find me)


(Misc. junk including art is here, about as active there as I am here)


Cow Guy
(i post here every 10000 years)

(missing a ton of characters and has a bunch of outdated art but I'll probably fix it all up and actually use it at. some point.)


Only giving it to pals & mutuals n stuff so if you want it just shoot me a note ;v